New IHMA Member

AM-PG Group Ltd, an Armenia based security, hologram and commercial printing manufacturer founded back in 1998 has joined the IHMA, becoming its 98th member.

IHMA General Secretary Dr Mark Deakes, commented:

‘The IHMA board and I are proud to announce and welcome AM-PG Group to the IHMA as our 98th member. AM-PG has a portfolio of unique security and holographic technologies.’

The company has been awarded for its innovations over the last 2 years in tax stamps. At the 2014 Tax Stamp Forum in Dubai AM-PG won the Best New Innovation Award for its track and trace system, whilst last year in Miami at the same event the company won again the Best New Innovation Award for the Armenia tax stamp project. The stamp incorporates nano technology and electron beam originated holograms incorporating bimetallic reflection enhancing layers.

AM-PG group also uniquely produces raw materials for use in both tax stamps and hologram manufacturing.

President of the Company Mr. Albert Taroyan commented: ‘We are delighted to become a member of the IHMA which we believe will be of significant value to our company. Our membership further accelerates AM-PG’s strategy into the international arena.