Digital Roll Printing

Digital roll printing, an innovative process in the realm of printing technology, epitomizes the fusion of precision and creativity.

One of the hallmark features of digital roll printing is its versatility. This technique adapts effortlessly to various mediums and surfaces. 

Digital roll printing, exemplified by cutting-edge technologies such as the Durst machine, epitomizes the convergence of advanced engineering and creative expression. At its core, the Durst machine employs high-resolution digital printheads, meticulously engineered to deliver precise droplet placement on various substrates.

This technology leverages sophisticated color management systems and RIP (Raster Image Processor) software to ensure unparalleled color accuracy and consistency across large-format prints. Through meticulous calibration and profiling, the Durst machine achieves precise color reproduction, even in the most demanding applications.

Furthermore, the Durst machine boasts an impressive production throughput, thanks to its high-speed printing capabilities and efficient workflow automation. Its advanced feeding and tension control systems ensure smooth material handling, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


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Durst Tau 330 RSC E, featuring the latest RSC technology, seamlessly blends superior print quality with a cost-effective investment. Fully upgradable to an 8-color Tau 330 RSC with a print speed of 80 m/min, it assures that forthcoming demands for increased production capacity are accommodated. Customers are offered the choice between Tau RSC UV inks and Tau RSC Low Migration UV inks, providing flexibility to meet specific printing requirements.

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