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Security Printing

Technological safeguards and managerial procedures which can be applied to computer hardware, programs and data to assure that organizational assets and individual privacy are protected.

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Flexo Printing

A form of printing that uses flexible rubber relief plates and highly volatile, fast-drying inks to print on a variety of substrates, commonly used in package printing, also in large quantities of industrial printing.

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Shrink Labels

Shrink Label is currently used in products packaging and labeling. This kind of package based on PVC or PET films became popular in the last years mainly thanks to it’s unique properties.

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Offset Printing

Any form of printing that uses an intermediate carrier to transfer the image from the original image-carrier (such as a plate) to the substrate.

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About Us

AM-PG GROUP specializes in the area of Security Printing and Commercial Printing.

With its over 600.000 square meters of every-day productivity, state-of-the-art equipment and own award-winning know-how it is in a position to satisfy every need of our customer.

Adhesive labels in roll and sheet, specialty for the electronic area, warrantee seals – security holograms, anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeit sleeves, excise stamps, passports, banknotes, plastic cards, identification systems, certificates and government documents, patented products are just a few examples of what we can deliver. The quality is guaranteed by the use of latest generation machinery, tight security in place, strictest standards of control and inspection of the entire production process and delivery of the product to the customer.

We work with Governments, financial institutions, private local, national and multinational companies.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company and a member of IHMA, International Hologram Manufacturers Association. Our compliance with international standards and conformities, including the CE (Conformité Européenne) and Eurasian Economic Union, special licenses authorizing to work with Government authorities, and security procedures guarantee the observance of highest international quality norms and the respect for the environment.

AM-PG GROUP Ltd. is a holder of multiple international awards, including Best New Innovation Winner in Tax Stamps Awards 2015, Best New Innovation Winner in Tax Stamps Awards 2014 and Best Design in Tax Stamps Awards 2015.

Along with cooperating with a number of partners in the sector, AM-PG GROUP is very much proud of its own innovations and know-how in the area of security printing developed by our in-house experts, being unparalleled in its kind, and produces its own exclusive range for the most complex and high-tech and high-security products.

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