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Materials Produced by AM-PG Group

We are offering to our client an excellent quality range of Sublimation Heat Transfer Film for Aluminum. First the metal dyesublimation heat transfer film should be applied to the pretreated metal surface,vacuumed and heated in large oven for 3-10 minutes,the pattern of transfer foil will be transferred to metal surface as a surface of decoration. Widely used on the flat or shaped surface of aluminum, metal plates, metal windows and doors and other metal materials.

Base film PET
Thickness of film 12 mic
Temperature 180-190 celsius degree            watch the video
Dwell Time 3-10 minutes
Pressure 1Bar

Products advantages: Green environmentally friendly, High efficiency, low cost, easy to operate, scratch resistant, water resistant, sun resistant, long lasting guaranteed*some restrictions may apply.
Application: Doors and Windows, Aluminum Materials, Security Doors
Standard Size: one meter and thirty cm 1,30cm (width) * 500m-1000(length)/per roll any desirable length per an agreement.
Package: Carton cases,or per an agreement.*Packaging would be extra.Delivery cost per contract.